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Diversity is what illuminates Haiti and is the foundation for it's resilience. Little is publicized in the international media about how vibrant and complex Haiti's people and culture are. In fact, we often remark how this country, our home for over 35 years, is often still a mystery to us.

Having won its independence from the French in 1804, Haiti became the first black republic in the Western Hemisphere. It is a great source of pride to the Haitian people and this bloody, hard fought struggle is symbolic of their perseverance and fortitude.

The majority of Haitians today are descendants of West African slaves brought to the island of Hispaniola to work the fields of cotton, sugar cane and coffee, among other commodities. The indigenous Taïno Indians were exterminated by disease and abuse at the hands of the Spanish and then the French colonialists.

The past two centuries have seen a great deal of migration into Haiti from countries as disparate as Syria and Germany, China and Iran. This has led to an increasingly diverse population, which, to this day, surprises many visitors the first time they arrive.

We hope you enjoy our photo gallery, which is just a hint of the amazing and beautiful faces that make up the Haitian identity.

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